'Not Rocket Science': Peter Linneman On CPI, Interest Rates And Immigration’s Impact On Economy

Monday, April 11, 2022

A pressing issue echoing throughout the commercial real estate world is how inflation will continue to impact day-to-day activity. The latest Consumer Price Index Report seems to offer little reassurance for those worried that the economy may be at risk of a recession — but is the reality as the government paints it? 

On this week’s Walker Webcast, Walker & Dunlop CEO Willy Walker said that “it clearly seems like we’ve got a Fed misreading the data,” suggesting that housing inflation isn't growing as fast as the Fed claims. According to the government, housing, which represents the largest component of the CPI at 36%, experienced a 5.7% price increase for multifamily rents and a 5.9% increase for single-family rents, Walker said. 

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