Our Strategy & Process

We have purchased over $500 Million in successful Multifamily properties using our time-tested approach of using data, relationships, and work ethic to find great investments for our investors.

Our Acquisition Criteria

We purchase multifamily investment properties in markets that have a long-term and sustainable outlook. The characteristics of these markets are strong job growth, population growth, and are business-friendly.

Our  acquisitions have occupancy rates of over 90% and provide cash-flow from day 1. We buy properties where we are confident that we can increase the value by implementing interior renovations, adding amenities, and creating a beautiful community for people to live.

Property Type: Apartments
Asset Class: A & B
Location: On major streets and throughways, in residential neighborhoods, in close proximity to colleges and campuses, hospitals and malls and other employment generators
Pricing: $10 million – $150 million+
Property Vintage: 1980 or newer
Investment Structure: All cash to seller. Loan assumption may be considered
Preferred Markets: Texas and Florida

Identify Great Properties.

We have a strong network of real estate brokers that work with us to identify beautiful properties in great locations.

We find properties that upside to grow through our "value-add" strategy.

Arrange advantageous financing.

Through our network of lenders we analyze different debt scenarios that allow us to conservatively leverage our properties and get the best financing available.

Because of our track record we qualify for low interest rates and appealing terms.

Execute Value-Add plan.

Not only do we own the properties, but we manage them as well. This gives us the benefit of having aligned incentives and being in control of the entire project.

Our value-add plans vary by property but they include some form of interior unit renovations, upgrading the amenities on the property, and improving the community for our amazing residents.

Quality Asset Management.

The hard work begins after we buy the property. Our asset management team comes to work everyday with the passion, excitement, and work ethic to run our properties to perfection.

They hit our financial and operating goals and provide a great experience for our residents.

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