May 20, 2020

Tesla Moves to Austin?

A recent post on the website claims Tesla has chosen Austin, TX as the location for its next Gigafactory. The claim is attributed to a “reliable source familiar with the matter.” Although a site has not yet been chosen, the article states that “…[Elon] Musk is said to want to start construction extremely soon and aims to have Model Y vehicles coming out of the plant by the end of the year.”

Tesla is not a newcomer to Austin: they currently have an office of chip engineers working on its Autopilot hardware 3.0 in the capital city as well as vehicle showroom at The Domain in north Austin.

In the article, writer Frederic Lambert said he does not think it’s any surprise Tesla decided to move to Austin:

“I think most people won’t be surprised by the news. Elon seems to have been leaning toward Texas for a while now. But the timeline was really surprising to me. This source has been really reliable in the past and they seem adamant that Tesla is pushing to have cars coming out of the factory by December, which just sounds crazy.”

Frederic Lambert | Electrek

Elon Musk recently made the headlines voicing his frustrations with the state of California over its quarantine policies related to the coronavirus pandemic and those policies’ impact on Tesla’s Fremont, California operations center. While Musk has talked about moving Tesla’s operations center out of California, the article states that “This project is not directly related to that announcement.”

[Via Electrek]

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