Strategic Income Fund
Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic Income Fund
Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?

How do I get accredited?

What is the minimum investment?

What are the differences between the Class A and Class B shares?

Will there be an early bird special for investors who invest early?

Will there be any incentives for investors who invest more than the $50K required minimum?

How frequently do you pay distributions?

Can I elect to reinvest my distributions?

Will I be able to redeem my investment?

Will I be able to redeem a partial amount of my investment?

What is my liability as an investor?

Can I increase my commitment throughout the fund?

Can I invest with my retirement account? Self-directed IRA, Solo 401k, etc.?

Can I 1031 exchange my investment?

Do I have to invest more each time you send out a new deal?

When will my investment begin, and when will my distributions begin?

What happens if I invest “today,” but your next property doesn’t close for a few months?

How will distributions occur as assets are sold off?

What is carried interest?

Is the carried interest calculated at the fund or asset level?

What is the anticipated life of the fund?

How many properties do you anticipate will be in the fund?

What are the target investments of the Fund?

How long will you be raising capital?

How long will you be placing the capital?

What happens if you cannot sell all the assets before the fund ends?

Is this an evergreen fund or open-ended fund?

What type of reporting will I receive?

How are taxes treated?